Uniform / Books.

The parents should be careful on the issues and ensure availability by 10th April  as per the identification made either of  its own or contact the office , if desired . The students must reach to the school in the prescribed uniform with books as required on the Day. No uniform or books will be arranged by the school if an advance is not deposit by 2nd April every year to the office .

Assembly and Moral Education

Before the commencement of regular class work, morning Assembly is held in the School Ground. The Assembly aims at:

  1. Physical Training
  2. Imbuing moral values in Students
  3. Reviving the internal values of Indian Culture
  4. Preparing the students to express themselves on the stage
  5. Preparing peaceful and calm atmosphere
  6. Inculcating good manners and hygienic habits
  7. P.T. Drill is practised for ten minutes.

During the Assembly

  1. A School Prayer is recited by all
  2. School Pledge is taken for a minute
  3. News & Thought of the day is read by the Student
  4. The National Anthem is sung

The students go to their respective classes after the assembly.