Science and computer lab

To keep pace with the technological advancement in the sphere of education, the school had made provisions for a well equipped laboratory for science & Computer Technology along with internet facilities


The School has a modern & well equipped library containing books, journals magazines and newspapers etc. To facilitate comprehension of courses by the students, modern audio-video-tracking aids viz. T.V., V.C.R., Overhead projectors on child education are available to the schools.


The School will maintain a good number of vehicle and Parents/Guardians may avail the facility for their wards by paying the requisite fee. Parents/Guardians will be allowed to withdraw the facility, if they so desire, only by giving one month advance notiee & fee in lieu thereof.

Sports and co-curricular activities

To create an atmosphere of healthy competition and team spirit most of the School activities are governed by House System. The students are divided into different house named after great religious and National Leaders. Each House is under the charge of warden and its own House Competitions are held regularly.

  • Thus the purpose of the House System is to
  • Promote the welfare of the students
  • Promote better teacher-students relationship
  • Ensure personality development
  • Improve self expression
  • Impart Citizenship training
  • Instill leadership quality

Wall Magazine

A wall magazine is put up by the students and teachers regularly providing glimpses of the world around us.

Hobby Classes

All the students depending upon their ability & interest are divided among the g following Hobbies.

  1. Dance Classical Dancing
  2. Music Vocal and Instrumental
  3. Cooking
  4. Public Speaking
  5. Dramatics
  6. Art & Painting